BTI is here to assist you in creating new business in both local or international markets


Companies in today’s markets cannot expand or even remain in business without customers, therefore sales and marketing is an integral part of business.  As it is common practice for many companies to hire sales staff on a temporary basis, it makes the process of following up and maintaining potential business very difficult. 

Sales teams are spending the majority of their time working through prospects which don’t qualify for the products or services offered, rather than following up on relevant leads.  

This can become a frustrating and costly process, many times resulting in the loss of potential customers. What your business needs is opportunities to present your products or services in order to gain valuable customers, increase revenue and grow.

We are committed to understanding your business and exact requirements, taking a genuine interest in promoting your company through the services we provide. Working closely with companies from a wide variety of sectors, including IT, marketing, etc.

we have the experience and depth of skills to deliver high quality leads and appointments.

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