BTI supports services enables your sales force to contcentrate effinciently and effectively on their tasks.


Market Research

B2B market research delivers the insight and data which is the foundation of building a comprehensive panel of target audiences located throughout the world.  Working closely with our clients we carefully select the topics and requirements needed to ensure that the data collection is meaningful and resonant.  

We uncover new routes to market, which you many never have otherwise considered, thus enabling you to develop the right marketing strategies and messages to get the most from your marketing budget. Our research service will engage your marketplace, helping your firm to establish who your potential prospects (partners) and clients are, their view of your services or what their reaction to a new product is.  

By collecting their feedback we can help build a greater understanding of where they are in the buying cycle and their readiness and behaviour towards a business proposition.     With our market research product being an integral part of our service package, we will never let you miss an opportunity that can help transform your business.

Language Support

In certain independent markets B2B and B2C services need a localized approach. We provide multi-lingual services using a professional native language speaker. The same methodology is applied for all of our work when it comes to foreign language, conducting research, lead generation, booking etc. making sure we develop and nurture long term opportunities. This in-house facility offers our clients the flexibility to combine national and international campaigns and operations in a single source and with one team.  We will deliver a consistent result and an integrated solution with comprehensive monitoring and reporting on a country by country basis.

Marketing Support

During a project, as part of our continued efforts to ensure our clients’ success, BTI offers support to effectively develop, operate and maintain your marketing media.  With each project, careful planning and methodology is required, with important attention paid to the information being utilized in reaching the potential clients and/or partners.  Due to the international nature of these projects, BTI offers English language support for the documentation needed for the marketing material. 

With certain regions in the world requiring localization, we also offer Spanish, French, Italian and German language support, with other languages being supported on a case-by-case basis.  During the planning stage BTI will work together with the client to help produce the most relevant and meaningful message, working on phone and email scripts as well as selecting the best potential elements for the marketing material, i.e. PPT company presentations, product brochures, translations etc.  With content playing an integral role in driving results and presentation being the key part of your company success, BTI’s marketing support can help find balance between developing creative concepts and real business results!

Data Validation & Cleansing

Data building involves you providing us with a brief of the prospects and companies you wish to engage.  Building a database according to your unique specifications, we will combine all the information you will need to target them successfully.   Database profiling will help improve the contents of an existing prospect database.  Working through your existing dataset, we will add information which is relevant to your prospect target market, forming a solid foundation to which you can build onto to improve the success of your marketing activities. 

Databases can quickly go out of date with people changing jobs, companies moving or going out of business.  Data cleansing is a quick and efficient way to ensure that existing data is maintained effectively.  Keeping all your contact’s details as fresh and accurate as possible and capturing up to date information about the company and the details of the decision makers you wish to target.  

During this process your firm will be given the possibility to re-start negotiations, generate new business opportunities and help your sale's team to close new deals.  Our service will help you reduce cost and call wastage while maximizing your return on investment and increasing sales opportunities.  We will ensure quality and consistency while collating your data, enabling easier analysis and further identification of future marketing strategies.

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